Lots of content added

  1. A Dreamweaver/Web Design page has been added along with Vincent Astolfi’s tutorials
  2. Added all the tutorials that were missing in the Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator tutorial pages
  3. Added a Programming/Coding page under the Skills tab along with Diana’s tutorials

More Content has/will be added

Throughout this last three-day-weekend, Christopher and Kyle created about forty new tutorials.

Chris shrank and converted his old tutorials he made last year to make a total of over 90 tutorials for this weekend alone.


All four of the “Mentor” pages have been updated, along with the “Photoshop”, “Illustrator”, “Photography”, and “Light Painting” skill pages.

Our First Bit of Content

This week, the Mac Lab Mentors blog received its first substantial content. Christopher Canel, Philip Behnam, and Kyle Wheaton spent all of last Saturday recording Photoshop tutorials, about half of which have been uploaded already. The other half, which deal with how to use a Canon Rebel XTi, are still being processed and will be uploaded in a few days. Also, a few dozen of Fadi George’s step by step Illustrator tutorials were added to the Illustrator page.

This weekend will undoubtedly see more attempts to create tutorials, as the Mac Lab Mentors endeavor finally gets off the ground.


Welcome to the Mac Lab Mentors™ website!